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Botanical Spa Citrus Facial TonerBotanical Spa Citrus Facial TonerInfused with SOD and Cucumber. Witch Hazel infused with Organic Green Tea, Rosemary, Chamomile, Aloe and Cucumber extract, will leave your skin feeling clean, toned and refreshed. Lightly scented with Ancient Legacy Essential Oils. Contains one 4oz-Citrus Facial Toner.
Botanical Spa Exfoliating Gel CleanserBotanical Spa Exfoliating Gel CleanserInfused with SOD and Natural Fruit Enzymes. Papaya, Sugar Cane, Lemon and Apple Fruit Enzymes gently exfoliate, while extracts of Organic Aloe, Grape Seed and SOD work to soothe and rejuvenate new skin. Lightly scented with Ancient Legacy Essential Oils. Contains one 4oz-Exfoliating Gel Cleanser.
Botanical Spa Morning Hydration Cream™Botanical Spa Morning Hydration Cream™Infused with SOD and Peptide Complex. Nourish and pamper your skin with this natural, chemical-free formula. Organic Avocado, Jojoba, Rosemary and Aloe will hydrate your skin, while Vitamin C, Vitamin E and SOD will rejuvenate and impart a healthy glow. Lightly scented with Ancient Legacy Essential Oils. Contains one 1.7oz -Morning Hydration Cream..
Botanical Spa Nighttime Restorative Moisturizer™ 1.7ozBotanical Spa Nighttime Restorative Moisturizer™ 1.7ozInfused with SOD and Vitamin C. Boasting SOD and a bevy of antioxidant properties, this nighttime formula will promote elasticity and support the integrity of your skin cells, warding off future cell damage. Infused with Ancient Legacy Essential Oils, this is a nighttime spa-like experience!
Botanical Spa Nourishing ConditionerBotanical Spa Nourishing ConditionerOur Botanical Spa Nourishing Conditioner softens and hydrates with Avocado and Jojoba Oils. Silk Amino Acids leave hear shiny without weighing it down. SOD protects from daily UV damage, while Vitamins C, E, and Aloe nourish and condition. Peppermint, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils add an uplifting experience to your scalp...and your senses!
Botanical Spa Nourishing Creamy CleanserBotanical Spa Nourishing Creamy CleanserInfused with SOD and Aloe. A super-clean and gentle, moisture-rich cleanser created for all skin types, lightly scented with our own certified organic extracts & scented with Ancient Legacy Essential Oils. Contains one 4oz-Nourishing Creamy Cleanser.
Botanical Spa Reviatalizing ShampooBotanical Spa Reviatalizing ShampooFeatures a “Triple Molecular Adhesion” process that makes treating the hair from the inside-out possible! The sub-organic micron particle ingredients in this extraordinary formula, combined with our proprietary processing method, not only rejuvenates the hair follicle but also the hair shaft.
Botanical Spa Starter KitBotanical Spa Starter KitAn all-natural collection promoting healthy looking, balanced skin - naturally! Certified organic extracts & scented with ancient legacy essential oils.

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