Bulgarian Roses

Like a fresh Rose garden! The top notes contain the green essence of Geranium and the heart of Rose Blossoms. The middle reveals a heady mix of Tuberose, Violet and Bulgarian Rose. It ends with velvety notes of Cananga and Patchouli oils and clean musks and light woods giving it a smooth finish.

Cherry Blossom Goji Berry

As delicious as it gets! The topnotes are a mouthwatering mix of green apples, summer peaches and antioxidant rich Goji Berry. The heart reveals a luscious combination of fragrant White Lilies, Cherry Blossoms and Red Roses. The sensual end mixes Sweet Almond with a touch of Tahitian Vanilla.

Dewy Freesia Tuberose

In irresistible hothouse floral medley. The top notes combine the luxurious fragrances of Tuberose and Dewy Freesia. The heart contains a heady mix of Blue Orris, Incense, Lilies and Tamarind. The elegant base notes reveal the decadent mix of Cashmere Woods, Musk and Haitian Vetiver.

French Tulips and Currants

A sensual and alluring fragrance that opens with top notes of grapefruit, quince, and wild berries The heart is a sophisticated blend of night jasmine & fresh lavender. The base dry down is a sexy twist of vanilla musk.

Gardenia and Wood Fern

An indulgent and opulent fragrance that opens with top notes of orange, wood fern, bergamot, grape & plum. The heart reveals itself with the freshness of cyclamen, lilac, jasmine, gardenia, lily of the valley and rose. It ends with an unexpected flourish of coconut, sandalwood and musk.

Divine Collection: Grace

This lingering fragrance radiates elegance and beauty. A delicate opening of spun sugar is touched with a hint of citrus. Top notes blossom into a heart that reveals green notes and softly scented blooming orchids, veiled in rich creamy vanilla. The Base is sensual and ambrosial, characterized by sandalwood, warm rich amber and a drop of raw honey.

Granada Pomegranate

Reminiscent of a lovely Summer’s day, the notes begin with a mix of Summer Berries and Ripe Melons. Then the heart opens with a heady mix of ripe Figs and Grenadine. The base notes consist of luscious Persian Pomegranates with just a touch of lime.

Island Hibiscus

As clean and fresh as the air in the islands. The top notes are a wonderful blend of Orange, Bergamot, Leafy Greens, Apple and Lemon. The heart notes are blend of Mimosa, Jasmine, Morning Dew and Lily of the Valley. This fragrance ends with a subtle mix of Rose, Musk, Violet, Sandalwood and blooming Hibiscus.

Jasmine Rose Amber

A graceful fragrance combining fresh Citrus and sweet top notes. The heart blends lovely Sambac Jasmine, Roses and Orange Blossoms with just a touch of honey. Its elegant base note reveals a romantic blend of amber, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Kiwi and Strawberry Flowers

Young, fresh and intriguing. The top notes are a mix of Japanese Plum & Kiwi. The middle notes contain fresh Melons with just a hint of sweet Pineapple. It ends with aplomb combining fresh Strawberries and Clementines.

Lime Basil and Clementine

A fresh and sunny fragrance reminiscent of an exotic holiday in the sun. The top notes are a medley of exotic Limes, Clemetines and sweet Berries. The middle notes are a blend of Jasmine, Rose and White Peony. The fragrance ends with an invigorating blend of Green Datura, White Musk and fresh green Basil.

Divine Collection: Love

This warm and sensual aroma blends happy notes of crisp orchard apples with very light floral undertones opening this fragrance with a perfect integration of tart and sweet. The edge of the scent is lined with a generous drizzle of silky smooth caramel that's been kissed with a loving touch of French vanilla.

Love in Bloom

An unexpectedly lovely fragrance which opens with the freshness of tart Green apples, then softly graduates to rich lovely buttery caramel and ends with a hint of Madagascar vanilla & Tonka Bean.

Lychee Manderin Melon

Young, hip and surprising with top notes combining sweet Lychee fruit, White Peonies and Tuberose. The base notes reveal a hidden blend of Blue Orris and Mandarin Oranges. It then ends softly with the subtle sweet fragrance combination of Cashmere Woods, Musk and Vertiver.

Madagascar Orchid

An intriguing and exotic fragrance with exotic top notes of white orchid, jasmine, gardenia. The lovely heart deepens with mystery with the loveliness of iris, rose, lily, citrus The base adds unexpected warmth and sophistication with a combination of rich spice, warm musk.

Maui Plumeria Garden

A lush blend of hothouse florals from the islands of Hawaii. The fragrance open with the luscious top note of Freesias, then graduates to a mix of Pikake jasmine and Tuberoses. Then it finishes with a flourish of Plumerias in bloom.

Ocean Breeze

An energizing and uplifting fragrance which opens with the refreshing mix of Oriental Roses. The heart notes then open to a lovely blend of pine, fir and palm leaf. The base notes finish with an exhilarating blend of Ylang Ylang and Orange.

Orange Blossom and Water Lily

A fresh and lovely fragrance with top notes of green citrus floral, leafy greens, red currant, Orange Blossom and lemon The alluring heart contains jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, orange, bergamot, geranium and jasmine. It finishes with a sophisticated blend cedarwood, Water Lily and white musk.

Oriental Rose Amber

This fragrance has top notes of white peony blended with Oriental Roses and sweet Oleander. The middle notes contain an intriguing blend of Peach Blossoms, Sandalwood and Clove. The base notes end with a flourish mixing Gardenia buds with a touch of Tahitian Vanilla.


This fruity floral scent is reminiscent of the wondrous gem that is Paris. The exotic and tart top notes mandarin orange, pineapple and papaya are reminiscent of the joys of warm summer days. The subtle notes of Dama de Noite, blood peaches and cane sugar gives it a refined and sensual heart. This fun and flirty fragrance finishes with a sophisticated blend of coconut milk, floating wood, ocean breeze, sandalwood and musk.

Passionfruit and Melon

A wonderful fragrance that blends the sweetest, ripest Passion fruit from the islands with delicious Honeydew Melon. There is a hint of Vanilla and Lime to enhance all the flavors.

Pineapple Vanilla Sugar

A perennial favorite that is good enough to eat. The fragrance opens with a flourish, blending the fragrances of the Kona Sugarloaf pineapples with sweet berries. The heart opens to a lovely mix of Tonka bean and Coconut. It then ends with the sweet and warm notes Vanilla and fresh Cane Sugar.

Star Jasmine Vetiver

The fragrance opens with an exhilarating blend of Grapefruit & Bergamot with just a dash of Pink Pepper. Then it softly graduates to an intoxicating blend of Star jasmine, Iris and Pink Hyacinth. The base notes are rich and woodsy with a herbaceous blend of green Vetiver, Bourbon, Patchouli and White musk.

White Chocolate Champagne

This is a fragrance for the romantic in all of us. The fragrance starts with a delicious blend of Strawberries mixed with just a hint of the most fragrant red Roses. The heart notes consist of indulgent Champagne and just a touch of Crème de Coconut. It ends with the romantic notes of White Chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla.

White Gardenia

A timeless and sexy fragrance that opens with the sensuality of orange flower, peach, plum, sweet blackberries The heart reveals itself with a blend of hothouse gardenia, tuberose blossoms and cyclamen The exotic dry down is a warm and unexpected blend tropical coconut and white musk.

White Peach, Olive Verbena

A lovely fragrance with top notes of green Tuscan Olive blended with ripe Spanish pineapples. The heart is a surprising mix of plump White Peaches and Lemons. The base notes are a refreshing combination of fragrant Vetiver and Olive Leaves.

Wild Fig Kumquat

One of our most beloved fragrances. The top notes consist of sweet Wild figs blended with guava. The middle is an invigorating blend of ripe Nectarines, Oranges and Loquats. The fragrance ends with notes of tart citrusy Kumquats and Mandarins.

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