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Hand Knit Wash Cloths By Barb

Hand Knit Wash Cloths By Barb
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"impress your overnight guests with originality! These hand knit cloths are the perfect addition to your linen closet or to hang around the bathroom as decoration. They can be constructed out of soft threads to be perfect as a baby shower gift. Each 100% cotton cloth is hand knit tightly for durability and comes in many patterns! Mention custom color combinations in the comments section of the order form.ships seperately in 2-3 weeks.

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turkish cloth

this is a thick, nubby cloth. Because this stitch (astrakan, also known as trinity) makes a bobbled-like surface, the washcloth is good for after-jogging showers or anytime that someone wants a more invigorating shower or bath experience...Or in a sauna.
diagonal pearls

looks like little ""pearls"" flowing diagonally across this lovely cloth. Very rich-looking! Approx 8""x7""

this very different ""horseshoe-shaped"" cloth will be a great conversation piece. Why not treat youself, to this wonderful cloth! Approx 8""x8""
king charles brocade

this lovely brocaded cloth got it's name from a vest worn by king charles i of england. Originally, the vest was made in blue silk. Approx 8""x8""
quilted diamonds

little puffy diamonds going across a lovely knitted cloth. How classy can you get! Approx 8""x7""
raised triangles

little triangles go across this cute pattern. So nice and soft! Approx 8""x8""
sand pebbles

little stitches that resemble ""sand"" with a lovely border. Another exfoliating cloth! Approx 8""x8""

lovely delicate fans going across a wavy-designed cloth! What a nice gift to give for friends! Approx 7""x8""
grandma's favorite

grandma's favorite is certainly one that will last a long time! Very durable, but soft to even use on babies! Approx 8""x8""

little butterflies all in a row! A soft look, but very strong knit. Will last a long time. Approx 8""x7""

this pattern gives you the complete checkerboard look! Quite versatile and holds well. Approx. 8""X8""
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