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All-Natural Soy Candle By Soul PurposeAll-Natural Soy Candle By Soul PurposeLight a candle and infuse your space with one of our exotic aromas. Light our all-natural candles anytime to relax, de-stress, uplift.
Body Custard By Soul PurposeBody Custard By Soul PurposeThink of cr�me brule or caramel custard and you will understand our medium weight moisture cr�me. This luxurious moisturizer rejuvenates skin with natural shea butter, aloe-vera and sweet almond oil, which softens skin and prevents against moisture loss.
Body Gloss By Soul PurposeBody Gloss By Soul PurposeTurn on your natural glow!
Body Glow Gift Sets By Soul PurposeBody Glow Gift Sets By Soul PurposeIncludes a body balm and body polish
Body Lotion By Soul PurposeBody Lotion By Soul PurposeAside from the exquisite ingredient deck, the texture, viscosity, and absorbability are unparalleled. We dare anyone to produce a finer paraben free lotion than this one. Loaded with organic herbs, oils, and concentrated additive ingredients.
Body Scrubs By Soul PurposeBody Scrubs By Soul PurposeMade with pure cane sugar, emollient oils and mineral salts to exfoliate, detoxify, polish and pamper.
Hand & Body Wash By Soul PurposeHand & Body Wash By Soul PurposeSulfate free body wash a sugar based natural multi-use cleanser. Can be used as a shampoo, shower gel or gentle bubble bath.
Pamper Me Silly Gift Sets By Soul PurposePamper Me Silly Gift Sets By Soul PurposeIncludes an all natural soy candle, body custard, body butter, and solid perfume
Product Pack - Pamper By Soul PurposeProduct Pack - Pamper By Soul PurposeIncludes one (1) of each: Ghanaian Brown Sugar Solid Perfume, Ghanaian Brown Sugar Body Balm, Ghanaian Brown Sugar Body Custard, Ghanaian Brown Sugar Body Scrub, Ghanaian Brown Sugar Soy Candle, Ghanaian Brown Sugar Shower Gel, Happy Feet Foot Cream, Happy Feet Foot Spray, Remede Therapeutic Salve.
Shea Butter Body Balm By Soul PurposeShea Butter Body Balm By Soul PurposeRestore suppleness to dry skin. This rich combination of shea, cocoa butter and essential oils slide on after a bath or shower and keep skin moist, fresh and smooth for the entire day.
Solid Perfume Essences By Soul PurposeSolid Perfume Essences By Soul PurposeSimple. Uncomplicated. Take anywhere fragrance.
Soy Candle & Solid Perfume Gift Set By Soul PurposeSoy Candle & Solid Perfume Gift Set By Soul PurposeInclude one (1) of each in your scent choice: All Natural Soy Candle, Solid Perfume Essence

not available to ship to canada.

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